About GRN What is Global Reseller Network?
The Global Reseller Network, also referred to as network marketing is a business model which enables a salesperson to earn both a commission from sales they have closed, to a commission from other resellers' sales included in their downline. A Portal.chat reseller prospects for clients to introduce the chatbot system to, and looks for other resellers whom they can teach to duplicate the process consequently generate additional revenue. Simple as that!
About GRN But is Global Reseller Network a MLM company?
Yes it is and you may have heard negative things about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programs in the past. Some people may confuse MLMs with pyramid selling schemes. But there is a difference. Although the two are similar, a pyramid selling program focuses more on finding resellers who are required to pay a considerable amount to purchase an initial sales kit, or a pricey registration fee, whereas Portal.chat's MLM format focuses on a high-end innovative product to sell to customers. No enrollment fees or sales kits needed. Our goal is to engage and enrol resellers with the goal of obtaining customers who will use our product. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Portal.chat, we will be happy to explain our product and program to you in great detail.
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About GRN GRN reseller details As soon as you create an account with GRN, you become a reseller of our chatbot system, and with each sale, you earn an instant commission. AIn addition to receiving a commission for each system you sell, you can also earn one via the resellers you recruit and enrol them in your downline, in levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. The following guidelines must be met:
You need to have a minimum of 4 paying customers live in your account in order to pay out the commission you receive from resellers in layer 2 and below.
If a reseller in your downline in levels 2 to 5 stops being a reseller they will be removed from your downline. For example, a level 3 reseller's account is terminated, this reseller will be removed and the level 4 reseller will move up to become your level 3 reseller. All resellers below will move up, so you get the maximum profit from the system.
An account owner (business or private) is considered an independent contractor and is responsible for their own tax returns.
25% Level 1 YOU You receive 25% from each sale
5% Level 2 resellers you find You receive 5% from each sale
5% Level 3 resellers under level 2 You receive 5% from each sale
3% Level 4 resellers under level 3 You receive 3% from each sale
2% Level 5 resellers under level 4 You receive 2% from each sale