About Portal.chat What is Portal.Chat?
Portal.chat is a full enterprise Live Chat system with chatbots and AI chatbots. Normal (static) chatbots are chatbots which, when asked a question, give a few answer possibilities users must choose from. Our system offers a user-friendly chat-builder which enables static chatbot building without any IT knowledge. AI chatbots enable users to ask questions, then the AI chatbots issue the correct reply. These chatbots need a lot of time training and are only available to Pro accounts. We are convinced that in the next 3 to 6 years all websites will have chatbots. With the Portal.chat system visitors can also be forwarded to a person for a Live Chat option. Our experience has been, that a company should engage live with a "hot sales lead". Portal.chat also operates under the name Boomchat.info.
About Portal.chat Why Live Chat and Chatbots?
Over 80% of the world population currently uses chat on a daily basis! A recent study found that Gen Zees (ages 18-21) tend to choose chat as their preferred means of communication. Armed with this knowledge, it would be foolish to ignore the importance of Live Chat as a communication channel especially for a business. We found that the moment chat is available on a website, the number of leads doubles. Potential customers don't stick to hours of operation when visiting a company's website, they browse websites 24/7. A chatbot makes it possible for website visitors to ask questions at all times, not limiting them to 9 am to 5 pm. Although a website features all the information a visitor may need about a company in the body of its text or in the F&Q section, a study by the Nielsen Norman Group found that users read less than 28% of the copy on a web page; they would rather ask a question. A chatbot makes no mistakes, never takes a break, and it always gives the correct answer. Portal.chat works on all websites; it just requires a script to be inserted in the footer of a website and the system instantly becomes live on the site. We can add the script ourselves onto a website if a client requests it. Once a company expresses interest in implementing the Portal.chat system onto its website, the reseller needs only create an account for them, and we take care of the rest. The reseller can continue to prospect for new customers or resellers. The Portal.chat system also offers a call centre solution, enabling a user to operate multiple websites simultaneously from one dashboard. The call centre can also use the system on the customers' websites. Portal.chat's system is suitable for portal websites as well, where several advertisers place their ads under one roof (i.e.: zoopla.com, zillow.com, realestate.com.au). In this case, each advertiser has their own Live Chat account. When a visitor starts a chat on a particular ad, this chat conversation goes directly to the advertiser. If they do not reply, a chatbot takes over the conversation so that the visitor always receives an answer. When a company has multiple websites, these are easily added to its account. The dashboard allows for simple tracking of all visitors; which website the conversation originated from so that the correct chatbot picks up the conversation, or so that the user knows exactly when to talk about the particular product or service.
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About Portal.chat Build a chatbot using Portal.chat
As previously mentioned, chatbots never take breaks or step away from their desk, they reply to your visitors' questions 24/7. A chatbot does, however, require a bit of time to become "perfect". Once installed, a chatbot is programmed to answer all possible questions, once it is live though, you might notice that an occasional question may come through which will stump the chatbot. This is easily resolved by logging into the account and adding the new question into the chatbot's list of questions for the next time someone may pose it. In time, as more revisions are made to the list of questions, your chatbot will be able to reply to all the questions it is asked. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to build a chatbot using Portal.chat. You'll notice that literally anyone can do it!